Workplace Issues

Increasingly the UK workforce are being diagnosed with stress, depression and anxieties.

The outcomes of a recent survey tells us that people born after 1945 are experiencing stress and depression tenfold the numbers of those born before 1945. (Tyrell & Elliott)

The researchers attributed the differences to the changes in society, lack of community, and stressful lifestyles. Often this includes increased working hours and time away from families feeling isolated and lonely in a hotel room.

I have over 30 years experience in the corporate world and understand 'real world' pressure, office politics, aggressive targets, presentation anxiety and the other varied challenges of that environment. My knowledge, and awareness of the UK Work Ethic is constantly being reinforced and developed, particularly through my work with clients referred through the various EAPs (Employee Assistance Programme). And also through the training that I deliver to corporates on mental health issues, stress awareness, managing stress, change and building resilience.

Corporate Training and Staff Development

I have extensive experience of staff development, working with a variety of corporate organisations across a broad range of market sectors.

My work involves Performance Coaching to clients from Blue Chip organisations, Back to Work Assessments and Reports to Organisations and Conflict Mediation. I am a member of the UKASFP and have over sixteen years experience of working within Solution Focused models.

As a qualified lecturer and with extensive experience in both training and lecturing in the UK and Abroad, particularly in the fields of stress management, communication skills, mental health in the workplace and change management I also work as a Behavioural Health Consultant helping clients to develop effective non-invasive behaviour management methods.

My style is described as warm, though pragmatic, and feedback from delegates and clients would seem to indicate that they find me approachable and accessible.

The organisations with whom I have worked include the Banking Sector,Technology,Heavy Industry, Airlines, NHS,Oil and Gas companies and SMEs